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Travelette: A female traveler who isn't afraid to jump out into the unknown world, experience new cultures, do it alone, and have a blast! She can flashpack in fancy places and backpack on a shoestring, she can beach bum or take on huge mountains, she is strong and kind, and always up for a laugh! 

Rachael Tilly's go to singlefin log. Dimensioned, designed and foiled for the female surfer but I hear the guys really like this model too! A bit more tail rocker than the Econoline providing for quicker tail turns and even more hold when noseriding. 

Price above is for a standard polyurethane 9'2 gloss finish, single color resin tint with one stringer, fin box and leash drill box loop. Contact me for specific pricing on the many other options available for this model.

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