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Classic all around log with a balanced outline and a low rocker. Named after the family car (van) I grew up with. A 1970 Ford E200. I learned. to drive in it. My dad put points, rotors and distributer caps in it but never saw him change the oil. it leaked plenty of oil and his theory was it was always fresh enough as he had to add a quart every few days. he put 345,000 miles on old blue. favorite claim in the end was that he drove it to the moon and halfway back! (that van) did everything really well and so does this board model. You can learn on it, doesn't need any maintenance other than wax, will easily catch 345,000 waves and will make you feel over the moon 🌙   

Price above is for a standard polyurethane 9'6 gloss finish, single color resin tint with one stringer, fin box and leash drill box loop. Contact me for specific pricing on the many other options available for this model.

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