About Us

Continuing the Martin family legacy that my father Terry established over 60 years ago brings healing to my heart and joy to my days.... Loving what I do and doing what I love, I've come full circle. I'm forever grateful my father showed me the love for the craft and gave me the needed training and skills to build on.

Starting at a very young age I spent quite a bit of time in and around my dad's shaping room. My first job was as the "clean-up" kid at the old Hobie factory in Capistrano Beach. I eventually graduated from pushing a broom around to cutting out, and foiling fins. Foiling fins for me, was simply like shaping surfboards on a small scale. In the late 80's I began shaping full time at Just Add Water Surfboards in Laguna Canyon. Soon after I started working there I was presented with an opportunity to shape several hundred identical boards for a display in JC Penny stores. I was to be paid half of what I'd make for shaping any other boards at the time. I remember my dad telling me this was a great chance for me to hone in my production skills. I chose to accept the offer. The boards were to be hand shaped. There were no computer shaping programs or CNC shaping machines at the time. I look back today and think about what a privilege it was to have had that opportunity. Systems and methods developed back then are second nature, muscle memory today. I have a special love for the hand shaped surfboard and choose to continue in this traditional craft. For me, it is a joy to jump into my shaping room and create functional pieces of art each and every day. I look forward to building one for you! If I may quote my dad, "I aim to make people happy in the water". I look forward to hearing from you.


Josh Martin