Free Jane


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Free Jane

Who is Jane?!? I think Austin describes her best:

​"Jane rolls deep off the bottom with an explosive pop. Driving, middle-of-the-board bottom turns are activated by the gently balanced, yet accentuated hips in the back third of the board, which surpass the fin as the quintessential pivot point. Initiating turns by intentionally driving from the hips, rather than pivoting off the fin, transforms Jane’s rail work into a wave, rhythm, heart and soul performance. While the rolled v, refined traditional rails, and a mellow, custom reverse rocker compliment Jane’s flowy, springy, wild and free trim, glide and ride persona. Her concave and reverse rocker, near zero on the nose with a gentle tail click, creates a weightless planning sensation conducive to friction free, in the pocket nose riding. Once on the nose, Jane’s pontoon-like concave, an intentionally crafted edge for maneuverable direction changing, gifts the rider the control and freedom necessary to adjust and adhere to the ever-changing conditions of sandy beach, reef, and shifty point break waves.
​Jane came into being because I love traditional nose riding but dislike the constraints and binding free will death sentences that, unless in pristine conditions, thick, heavy, log’s carry. I grew up surfing waves where, when breaking properly, heavy logs simply weren’t functional. I wanted to nose ride but I also wanted to ride the wave, send high trim lines, carve deep into the flats and bounce off the top.
“The Free Jane”
She’s that beauty we’re always searching for,
Paddle to the horizon for,
Drive up the coast for,
Breath for. She’s what we remember.
Based on the freedom, glide, flow, stability, confidence, passion, eccentricity, tranquility and wanderlust I (we) find and ride waves for."

- Austin Sonnier 

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