Martin Shapes New Website

Josh Martin

Drum roll please.... Martin Shapes is rolling out a brand new and much improved website! Not that I can take the credit. We all have our different skill sets, I would say I am foremost a dreamer and craftsman. My hat is off to the people with the IT skills. It's my desire that you find the new website to be a place to connect with what's happening in and around the surfboard building family and community that I am a part of. Showcasing an interactive "show & tell" format where you can get an idea of what I am...

A Family Tradition

Josh Martin

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Earliest memories include times spent in my dad's shaping room. He'd hand me a sanding block, a scrap of foam and let me have at it. Over the years, shaping skills and surfboard orders passed from father to son.  I find great satisfaction in hand crafting a board for the individual surfer. I believe the evolution of surfboard design and the wave riding experience is ongoing. Aiming to make people happy in the waves!