Natures Foam

My definition of "natures foam" is any natural material that floats. Of course, I prefer it to be as light as possible, but if it floats it'll do. To me the best natural foam is something that you can carve or shape. In my particular case, I dream of making shapes that you might use to catch and harness the energy of a wave, allowing you to participate in the ride. Or, maybe it's a floating sled I make that holds a net to secure your catch of abalones or lobsters when diving. Could be a float that keeps your...

LOCALE Magazine Article

Josh Martin

Making WavesWritten By: Dionne EvansPhotographed By: Dhrumil Desai & Karl GarrisonThe Expert: Josh MartinCredentials: Surfboard ShaperJosh Martin’s face lights up with a big smile every time he starts to tell a story, and boy does he have plenty to tell. The surfboard shaper and owner of Martin Shapes is clearly a sentimental guy. Though the eye automatically goes to the numerous surfboards located in his ceiling, Martin wants me to focus on other things. As we walk up the stairs in his homey two-story abode in Capistrano Beach, with dog Scout not too far behind, he points out the picture...

History of some Hands

Josh Martin

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Back in the late 80’s an influx of requests for a “Terry Martin” surfboard logo prompted some creative action from my dad. The action came in the form of his following statement. “If you want me to have a logo then you are welcome to make me one”. One of the most endearing qualities he had was a genuine interest in others rather than himself. He shunned self-promotion. Creating his own logo was not in his gift mix. I cant recall who it was but someone floating around the Whitegon Glass shop up in Laguna Canyon got the ball rolling. It...

Stoke out your living room

Josh Martin

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A while back I was given some old longboard blanks. An assortment of Bennett's, Walker's, Ice9's, a US or two and a Just Foam. While going thru them I noticed a couple had pretty screwed up rocker or were twisted beyond the point I'd consider building a board out of them. They were all made of polyurethane foam which cannot be recycled. I couldn't bear to pitch them.. Probably due to the Munoz blood in me. Munoz's don't like to throw anything away.  I don't remember specifically what prompted me one morning to feel inspired in carving into one of...

Big Trees in the Surf

Josh Martin

Wood is orthotropic - the strength is predominantly along one axis. Parallel to the grain, tensile is very high and compression strength is good. Perfect for a core material in surfboard construction. Particularly surfboards designed for big surf. Wood provides for superior control, a smooth ride and durability. The "cadillac" of surfboard materials. Far West Forest products provided me with some very special surfboard wood... Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant sequoia) greatest of the redwoods, the earth’s largest tree and largest living thing by volume. Giant Sequoia This wood came from private property in the Sierra Nevada. Three Sequoia giants had fallen...