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Another Martin carries on a surfboard-shaping tradition

Another Martin carries on a surfboard-shaping tradition

LA Times article by: Kathleen Luppi March 20, 2016 Some fathers pass down a love of fishing to their sons. Others share the tradition of fixing cars or building a model train set. Josh Martin's family legacy is shaping surfboards.Over a nearly six-decade career, Martin's father, Terry, was said to have shaped more surfboards than anyone else in the world — some 80,000 — although the exact number isn't known. Terry, wiho was given the nickname "The Machine," created signature boards for surf legends like Gerry Lopez, Gary Propper and Joyce Hoffman. The first board Terry made was out of lighter...

A Martin Shapes Custom Board

I make boards to order. If I am making a board that's destined for a surf shop or my online store it's the same deal. There's always the rider in the equation when I shape a board. It's a real satisfying thing to build a hand shaped, made to order, custom product. There's not much of that kind of merchandise out there these days. If you've got the bucks you can hire a contractor to build you the custom house of your dreams. You can still in some cases (sorta) order a car built to your specification. However, for the...

Natures Foam

My definition of "natures foam" is any natural material that floats. Of course, I prefer it to be as light as possible, but if it floats it'll do. To me the best natural foam is something that you can carve or shape. In my particular case, I dream of making shapes that you might use to catch and harness the energy of a wave, allowing you to participate in the ride. Or, maybe it's a floating sled I make that holds a net to secure your catch of abalones or lobsters when diving. Could be a float that keeps your...

A Family Tradition

Josh Martin

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Earliest memories include times spent in my dad's shaping room. He'd hand me a sanding block, a scrap of foam and let me have at it. Over the years, shaping skills and surfboard orders passed from father to son.  I find great satisfaction in hand crafting a board for the individual surfer. I believe the evolution of surfboard design and the wave riding experience is ongoing. Aiming to make people happy in the waves!