Fillets of Sequoia

Josh Martin

Over the past year or so I’ve had the opportunity to build a couple boards from some really old Giant Sequoia. This wood was legally harvested from 3 trees that fell naturally in a windstorm a number of years ago. I love the fact that this enormous logging and milling operation was hand cut by FarWest Forest Products.
I go into a bit more detail about this special wood in an earlier blog post titled “Big Trees in the Surf”. You can read more about the wood and the surfboards I build from it there. This post is about preserving some of the off cuts and scrap remaining from a surfboard build. I will remove wood from the core of some wood boards to lighten them up. These core pieces are saved for repurposing later.
A bit of creative slicing, dicing and gluing later I end up with some flat boards perfect for making fins from.
My first job was making fins for Hobie back in the mid 80’s. I am capable of producing an acceptable fin product I suppose but I decided to enlist the help of those that do this the best. I contacted Rainbow Fin about creating fins from this repurposed scrap. They understood my desire was to produce fins from this Sequoia that were both functional and beautiful pieces of art. Rainbow Fin did a superb job. I could not be more pleased.

I am offering two fin types. One is a D or Skeg style fin inspired by a Hawaii surf trip my dad took in 1963. There was beautiful progressive surfing on that trip. The board he rode was a 10’ Hobie with a sweet raked Mahogany fin. This fin is of that flavor.

The other is a pivot style fin excellent for a wide range of longboard types but especially suited for a noserider.

Please see my store for available fins or placing an order. Own a little functional art piece made from several thousand year old Sierra Nevada wood. This is a limited hand built to order product made with love and care in California. – Josh Martin #lovewhatyoudo

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  • Hi Josh,
    That tree is awesome, the wood is beautiful, I’ve only gotten wood directly from the tree once, from a guy near Byron Bay (Aus). I build wooden boards and SUPs. I’ve recently been making my wooden fins with glass between two layers of wood, shaped, resined to fill the grain, sanded and oiled (waxed) with lanolin for a real wood finish. The lanolin is great water repellent and makes the surface slippery, but I also use it on the deck for non-slip wax replacement, keeps your woody boards looking perfect.

    Colin Tree

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