Stoke out your living room

Josh Martin

A while back I was given some old longboard blanks. An assortment of Bennett's, Walker's, Ice9's, a US or two and a Just Foam. While going thru them I noticed a couple had pretty screwed up rocker or were twisted beyond the point I'd consider building a board out of them. They were all made of polyurethane foam which cannot be recycled. I couldn't bear to pitch them.. Probably due to the Munoz blood in me. Munoz's don't like to throw anything away. 

I don't remember specifically what prompted me one morning to feel inspired in carving into one of these rejects but it happened. Laying a "bent" Bennett on my shaping racks a brainstorm started brewing... paipo? mini simmons? 40 foam hand planes? table?!? YES, I was on it. 

I picked out the straightest section of blank, grabbed a pencil, straight edge and fired up the Skil Saw. The aim was to approach the project like I would a surfboard. The Skil 100 planer I use to carve curve and contour into a surfboard was used to cut those out of the chunk of blank. A surfboard blank generally resembles a surfboard. There are no straight sections in it. Making a functional flat surface table top out of a surfboard blank took a bit of shaping but I carved a relatively good rough cut platform.

Continuing with the standard board building process I sanded foam flat, block planed down the stringers, rolled the "rails", and signed it. A Martin Shapes order card was filled out laying out the glassing schedule... Volan cloth please, I'd like a diamond shaped deck patch, no leash plug por favor, gloss polish, etc...  Standard fin boxes were layed in the bottom at each corner as "leg" attachment points. Real surfboard fins make sweet legs for a lower table. Fancy way to store an extra quiver of fins for your surfing boards! 

For the taller style table I've fashioned some longer custom built leg units. These again utilize the fin box attachment system. 


The idea was never to have a potentially rideable surfcraft in your living room being reduced to a mundane flat surface. I envisioned a collection of surfboard making materials flowing thru the shaping room to the glass shop. The whole process taking place with surfboards. A unique little household stoke flavored table built by surfboard builders. I like it and loved making it! Enjoy your water and enjoy your living space. -Josh

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  • I love this! Repurposing things that we love, and keeping waste out of the landfill in a beautiful way! Absolutely gorgeous!


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