Martin Shapes welcomes Rachael Tilly

Josh Martin

It’s a family affair…

At 17 years old Rachael Tilly has defied the odds by winning the World Title in professional Longboard Surfing. In the early days of Rachael’s career it was the guidance of longtime surfboard shaper Terry Martin that helped pave the way to Rachael’s success.

“I attribute a large part of my success to my relationship with Terry Martin that began in his shaping room. I learned so much from Terry and am very grateful for the knowledge and insights he gave me during our endeavors together.”
​​​​​​​​​-Rachael Tilly

Terry’s lessons about life were key to Rachael’s success… And his ability to work with Rachael to put together and fine-tune the right combination of high performance and traditional longboard characteristics resulted in a design that really suited her style and abilities.

When Terry Martin passed in 2012 it was his son, Josh who picked up the torch Rachael and Terry had ignited. Today, Josh and Rachael continue the journey on the evolution of the surfboard designs she had begun with Terry. This surfer-shaper relationship continues to grow and expand everyday, and Rachael is proud to represent Martin Shapes exclusively when it comes to her wave riding equipment.

"It's no accident that Rachael's the champ. She is dedicated to putting the time in both the shaping room and the water, and her results are the proof of her efforts. On my side, I'm dedicated to the legacy my father left us as I continue the craft of hand shaping surfboards. It is a joy to build boards for champions like Rachael, and we are both looking forward to sharing with the world our love for surfing and surfboard design.”
​​​​​​​​​-Josh Martin

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  • Excited for both of you. You have my full support.

    Andrew Cowell

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